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About Me

My Name is Eileen

For 35 years I worked in a caring profession, Nursing. I have always been a people person and at my happiest when interacting with my patients.

Having experienced a rather challenging period in my personal life a few years ago and realised then that I needed to change my circumstances.

I trained as a professional Life Coach with one of Ireland’s leading Professional coaching and Coach training bodies, the Irish Life coach Institute which proved to to be a life changing experience for me.

Very early on in the training I realised that I had found my ‘Niche’ in life!

My dream is to share my message of inspiration and hope with all of you. My skills and the huge insights which I have gained on my journey will help you to tap into the resources which I believe everyone of you have. I believe that we have control over what we create in life and how we respond to it.

Through my own personal journey with chronic pain and mental health issues I have learned that some of the really positive changes which I have made along the way totally changed my life. Essentially,I have walked the walk and I am now talking the talk

I now live an active and productive life. I workout at the gym four times a week & I work in a job I love.  I am studying for a BSc in Counselling & Psychotherapy and I love this course. With my experiences and qualifications I believe I have the skills and the knowledge to empower you to achieve a more meaningful life again.

Toastmasters and Motivational Speaking

Eileen is a member of Swords Toastmasters for just two years, a relative newcomer to Toastmasters. In these two years, Eileen has won two club finals, two area finals and a division final.

Just to highlight Eileen’s achievements, at the 2019 Toastmasters conference in Norwich, Eileen reached the top 6 in the final. District 71 – UK & Ireland is currently made up of nearly 200 clubs and 4,400 members. Only the top 6 speakers of over 200 clubs in Ireland and the UK members reach this level.


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